Manage most confidential deals online with a secure data room

Nowadays managers can coordinate and sign business documents in a matter of minutes, using modern virtual data room technologies. In this article, we will discuss how to manage confidential deals in a secure data room.

Virtual data room: organize your deals quickly and safely

Sooner or later, any company or entrepreneur has to take care of how to keep a register and organize documents, for example, during due diligence.  And the first thing that comes to mind is the accounting of contracts in Excel. Up to a certain point, this works fine and there are no problems. But over time, the business grows and there are more and more contracts – keeping records in Excel becomes inconvenient. In this situation, companies find a good alternative for automating the preparation of business transactions, they use virtual data rooms. The software serves as a secure collaborative platform for sharing business-critical data and storing large volumes of information.

According to, the data room deal management system has been implemented in many companies that have already experienced the benefits of digital transformation during M&A, IPOs, real estate deals, due diligence, etc. The software reduces the time for processing and preparing reporting documents by about 75%. Files are transferred instantly both within the organization and when working with contractors.

Usually in companies, before signing a contract or other document, it is agreed upon within one or more departments. The document is moved for approval to the responsible employee or department. The use of the data room for coordinating documents allows you to speed up the process. At the same time, the chronology of changes will be saved – so participants will be able to track the changes made and the current status of the document in real-time.

Approval of documents in the data room

The system allows managers to quickly coordinate documents within the company: send a document for approval or signature to a specific employee, the entire department. Approval of documents in electronic data room consists of the following steps:

  • The new document enters the electronic approval system and appears in the “Inbox” folder of the responsible employee.
  • An approval chain is launched, where each participant chooses a status: make changes, agree, refuse.
  • The received document is signed with an electronic signature and sent to the addressee.

Also, the secure data room allows you to set up automated routes when the document moves along the chain, and participants and contractors receive reminders.

Reasons to choose the data room

Digital data room optimizes the deal management in the following way:

  • Electronic data room storage of documents implies the creation of a single database of documentation by the classification and regulation adopted in your company.
  • A competent organization of the electronic archive of documents will allow you to systematize the documentation, distribute it according to the type and period of storage, as well as structure the data according to any other criteria.
  • Control of access of employees to information in electronic data room is provided, loss of important documents and their unauthorized change is excluded. Due to the restriction of access rights, logging of user actions, and automatic backup, a high level of information security is ensured.
  • Using the archive of electronic documents provides efficient and simple management of service information.
  • Automating the workflows of the enterprise in the shortest possible time leads to a reduction in costs and the creation of transparent business schemes.

Boardmaps Is A Big Thing For Committee Meetings Planning

Boardmaps is one of the top programs for optimizing the work of managers in large companies. This software allows you to schedule virtual meetings of the company’s board of directors, inform them about upcoming events, as well as record the meeting, create minutes, view and edit documents together.

Features of Boardmaps

Boardmaps software gives you many options before, during, and after a meeting. In particular:

Before meeting. You can schedule a future meeting in just a few minutes. Here you have the opportunity to immediately mark the agenda, so as not to forget to inform colleagues of important news during the meeting. There is everything you need to prepare documents before the meeting, invite all members of the board to the scheduled meeting.

During the meeting. Participants can participate in the event using any gadget convenient for them. You can show documents and notes, presentations, without looking up from the meeting. You can create a poll or conduct a vote, the results of which will be immediately recorded in the automatic protocol. Boardmaps allow you to distribute tasks among meeting participants and then follow their progress on special task boards.

After meeting. You have the opportunity to generate a report on the event, provide colleagues with access to all necessary documents, as well as archives of the meeting.

There is no need to worry about security during a virtual event, as this is guaranteed by multiple encryption systems, protection on servers, as well as double authorization when logging into your account.

Through the use of the program, management teams begin to spend much less time preparing and conducting meetings. More information you can find here:

What is a meeting planner and what does it do?

A meeting scheduler (scheduler) is an automated secretary that takes on the responsibility of scheduling business meetings, conference calls, and other events. You tell the program what time you are free and ready to hold a meeting, and the scheduler “communicates” with other people for you, notifies them of the current schedule, and creates events in the calendar.

The most understandable example, which each of you must have come across at least once, is an appointment with a doctor through public services or the clinic’s website. You do not contact the doctor directly, do not discuss the time of the meeting, but simply select a free time slot in his schedule and automatically find yourself in the list of registered patients. But this is only available in expensive CRMs after a long and complicated setup.

And the scheduler is a solution for everyone, in which everyone can create their schedule without any CRM. It is enough to tell the application what time you are ready to schedule meetings. After that, the program will create an interface through which all users can make an appointment with you, with a link to your schedule.

But a good scheduler is not only planning too but also a tool that can be easily integrated into an already established workflow through integration with popular services and applications. For example, integration with Zoom, which allows you to automatically generate a unique link after each entry to get in touch (you don’t have to leave contacts, manually create a link and attach it to an event in the calendar). Or integration with Stripe in case your business provides prepaid services.

Data room comparison for the best choice

The modern world shares the extra potential for all companies. It is crucial how to use them in the working routine. Today we are going to share only valuable information about data room comparison, virtual data room, software review, and business software. This piece of information will better your business performance. Let’s get more profound!

Let’s start with the virtual data room.

Simply it is a cloud-based storage system that gathers all materials in one place. With its help employees may be sure that with their documents, everything will be under control. However, you have to pay attention to several aspects before you will implement a virtual data room. It is all about its features and what specific it can share for your business. One of the most integral aspects is a high level of security. As companies deal with a lot of working methods and use various technologies, it becomes easier to steal sensitive data. In order to omit these challenges, every data room has to be highly protected. As the result, only employees can have access to it, and business directors will get complete analyses of who and when using the particular file.

There is no doubt that it exists a vast number of data room and various types of them. It is relevant firstly to select and then to use during the whole performance. For this reason, it exists a data room comparison that will gather all information in one place. As result, business owners do not waste their time, as everything necessary will be in one place. shows all advantages and disadvantages, its features, price and gives valuable pieces of advice. All you need is to pay attention to every detail and make a wise decision.

In order to make better decisions and to be sure of them, it is highly recommended to use software review. It is beneficial for every business that wants to bring simplicity to the working routine. With the valuable software, it will be easier to fulfill companies potential and not to have limited prospects. Software review will share only crucial information for business owners.

Additionally, business software is a type only of a relevant program that will help to achieve all tasks and simplify the working routine. Besides, with the usage of business software employees will have everything for complex work. Business software will definitely increase business productivity, every employee will be engaged in all working processes and will feel support. As a result, the worker will have a healthy working balance.

As you can see it exists many resources on how a company can change and bring innovative tools into their working routine. We believe wholeheartedly that you will have all the inevitable resources for advanced work. Remember only you choose the ways of performance.

HighQ Dataroom Review

Do you need a Data Room for your transactions, and do you need it fast? In this article, we will consider HighQ service as a good alternative to a Virtual Data Room.

Why do we choose Virtual Data Room?     

A virtual data room (VDR), also known as a transaction room, is a secure online repository for storing and distributing documents. It is typically used during the due diligence process prior to a merger or acquisition to review, distribute, and disclose company records.

With the changes in the M&A market caused by the global financial crisis, the approaches to conducting legal inspections have also changed. A common example of due diligence is the process of evaluating a potential buyer (investor) of a company (target) or assets to acquire them. During the implementation of M&A projects at the stage of due diligence, experts identify the following types of inspections: financial, operational, legal, tax, other types of inspections (technical, environmental, etc.).

According to the method of information transfer, inspections can be on-site (with an inspection of objects by their location and interviewing employees or on the basis of information provided for review on the company’s territory) and on-site (via access to a Virtual Data Room) or on the basis of provided copies of documents).

The main purpose of the legal audit, which is carried out within the project of mergers and acquisitions, is to identify the risks that may be faced by the investor. The parties then negotiate to determine whether these risks can be eliminated. The results of the negotiations affect the value of the company and the provisions of the contract of sale (SPA). The level of risk of the risks identified during the inspection is crucial for the future of the project.

What about HighQ Data Room?                  

Technology moves on but the requirement for the reliable project management and security remains stable. HighQ provides market-leading security, digital rights management and functionality that allows you to securely store, share and collaborate with files. Really, it is not easy to arrange legal projects, especially when several parties are concerned. HighQ is a well-organized platform that is widely used by major international law firms worldwide. This solution is developed especially for law firms, banks and corporations of all sizes. The service facilitates every step, from managing due diligence to generating a closing book enabling:

  • document distribution of large amounts
  • secure file transfer
  • team collaboration
  • digital project management tools

How does it work?

Users get access to the service by invitation only. The information is stored in an encrypted form in highly secure servers of the provider. The system is based on traceability and user rights can be restricted to different degrees. HighQ Dataroom offers advanced security for sensitive documents including watermarking and disabling save, print and copy. There is a function to track user’s actions.

Core benefits


HighQ Dataroom is a secure platform with the following advantages:

  • No Plugins needed
  • Granular permissions
  • Email or bulk upload
  • Easily import and export data
  • Customize view
  • Page-level reporting
  • Tailored notifications
  • Filter QandA
  • Use integrated collaboration tools.

Best file hosting service for business

What is Hosting and why do you need it? How to choose the right file hosting service? To simplify your choice, in this article, we have selected the best platforms and collected them in a rating.

What is hosting?

We all have files that we need to access from different places and from different devices. And finally, there are files that we want to share with friends and acquaintances that they could watch or download around the clock, without delays and regardless of whether our computer is turned on or not. How to solve these problems as simply as possible to be sure of the safety of storing important files? There is a solution – this is file hosting.

Hosting is a service for placing information on a physical server that is permanently connected to the Internet. The hosting service includes many additional parameters, such as space for email accounts, databases, site backups or file storage services, site administration. Companies that provide such services are called hosting providers or hosters.

Hosting by function is divided into:

  • Hosting for sites
  • Game Hosting
  • File hosting
  • Image hosting
  • DNS – hosting
  • Test hosting
  • Mail hosting

Some file hosting services have handy programs and applications, the capabilities of which go far beyond simple storage and exchange.

The best alternatives of file hosting services

  • DepositFiles has existed for a long time and is very reliable. Upon registration, you receive $ 5 to your account. Your materials downloaded from the exchanger, in addition to accruing money, also bring you a Point, for which you can later get Gold status.
  • Dropbox is the most famous file hosting on the planet. After registration, 2 GB of free space is allocated for file storage. The service allows you to set up an automatic “backup” of the necessary files, as well as open access to individual folders for other users. Besides, it has apps for all popular mobile platforms and operating systems.
  • Zshare is used to share files that are too large to be sent by email. You can post files, images, videos, and audio on the site. The number of downloads of one file is not limited, the maximum size is 1 GB.
  • Rapidshare is one of the oldest file hosting services which allows you to open access to files, including using a direct file download link. Owners of paid accounts get additional features: multi-download files, no ads. The files are stored on the service for 90 days.
  • Google Disk is the online storage of your files from the Google search engine. For your needs, this file hosting gives you 15 GB for free. Increasing space is possible for money only.
  • Mediafire is a service available without registration. The user gets the opportunity to store files up to 100 MB with unlimited uploads and downloads, traffic, and storage time. The organization of files into folders is available, search and viewing of files, access to which, of course, can be opened for other users.
  • as is a platform that allows you to store files for up to 24 hours. After downloading, the user receives a direct link to his file, and this link he can share with other users. A short link will be generated for the file, allowing you to insert it, for example, into Twitter. Users are allocated 5 GB of disk space.

Avast business antivirus

In this article, we will discuss the functionality and peculiarities of Avast for Business Antivirus.

Software security with Avast

The antivirus program is designed to protect personal computers from various malicious programs that can steal and damage information stored on hard drives. The basis of any anti-virus product is a certain method of detecting malware, such as scanning, monitoring, etc. The work of the anti-virus program is based on two components – proactive protection and signature protection. Proactive Defense monitors programs, files, and processes. The work of signature protection is to scan the data and compare them with existing signatures in antivirus databases.

Today, competition between antiviruses from different developers has reached unprecedented heights, which means that most antiviruses, including a free one, cope with their tasks at a very high level. When choosing an antivirus program, it is necessary to take into account not only the percentage of virus detection and the ability to detect new viruses, the number of viruses in the antivirus database, the frequency of its update, and the availability of additional features.

Avast is a Czech company designed to work on personal computers or owned by small and medium-sized businesses and is used on mobile phones and an unlimited number of servers. As a result, it has created the Avast Protection solution to offer sophisticated protection for both your company’s computers and servers. The solution demonstrates absolute effectiveness in detecting and combating online attacks.

Basic functions

It should be noted that not all antivirus programs are equally effective. After installing and configuring antivirus software on all PCs, you will get the following functionality:

  • The main task is to scan email attachments, files, and URLs, protecting your company from malware, spyware, ransomware, and other threats.
  • Store your credentials in an efficient and secure password manager under master password protection. Generate new passwords, enter saved ones automatically, and sync them between devices.
  • File system screen. Automatically scans files opened on your computer for malware without slowing down or interfering with users.
  • Web protection. Ensures the reliability of each site you visit by checking the URL and certificate of the website to prevent any unsafe connections to your network.
  • Email protection. It scans your mail for suspicious files and code, infected attachments and deletes them if found.
  • Behavior screen. This function provides monitoring of all currently running programs in real-time via Avast servers’ power in the cloud.
  • SecureLine VPN. Contractors, individual offices, and employees working from home are all insecure networks. The VPN constructs an encrypted connection so everyone has the same level of protection as at the main office.
  • Copies of unrecognized files downloaded to your PC will be sent to our Avast Threat Lab experts to determine if they pose a threat.
  • Intelligent scanning. One-click scanning allows you to simultaneously scan for both malware and software updates, network faults, and computer performance issues.
  • Wi-Fi check. Today, cybercriminals have even more ways to break into the network than ever before. With our network scan tool, you can find out and fix potential vulnerabilities.

Avast antivirus advantages

The list of advantages includes the following:

  • Low load on computer resources
  • Simple interface
  • Browser cleaning
  • Home network security
  • Password security
  • Free version available

How to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium?

This article will provide you with a guide on how to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium.

What is Spotify?

It is a streaming service with music and podcasts, launched in Sweden in 2006 and now available in 92 countries and has approximately 300 million users per month and 130 million subscribers. Spotify has the largest number of users in the world, and the service accounts for 36% of the market.

The service provides access to more than 50 million tracks, including 1 million podcasts, and 4 million playlists for free or with a Spotify Premium subscription, which allows you to listen to music without advertising, offline, and an improved quality.

Of course, Spotify would not be the market leader if it did not have strengths. The most important advantages include:

  • Spotify users praise the service for its algorithm of personalized music recommendations based on the listener’s tastes, which works with the help of artificial intelligence and adapts to listening, saving, and liking. The service offers recommendations in four formats: Spotify Radio (playlists based on a song, artist, or playlist that the user likes), Release Radar (does not allow to miss new releases of artists that the user often listens to or may like), Daily Mix (a combination of the user’s favorite music with tracks that potentially suit his tastes) and Discover Weekly (fresh music selected based on the user’s listening history).
  • Spotify has a large selection of podcasts from other music platforms, some of which can be listened to exclusively on this service. From September 1, 2020, The Joe Rogan Experience will be released exclusively on Spotify and will be available for both paid subscribers and the free version.
  • Spotify also has very strong radio stations that are based on your individual preferences. You can create a station not only by genre, playlist, or artist but also by a separate track.
  • Synchronization is very convenient in the service. You can start listening to a track on one device and continue from the same place on another. You can also turn on music on your computer and at the same time control the player from your smartphone.
  • With Spotify you can follow the performances of artists – on their pages are published concert dates. You can also see the number of monthly listeners.

Instruction on how to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium

Unsubscribing from Spotify Premium is a simple task. However, this feature is not available in mobile applications on both iPhone (iOS) and Android. The user must perform the procedure through the service’s website in the browser.

  • The first thing you need to do is open the user profile;
  • On this page, go to the “Subscription Management” section and click the “View your settings”;
  • Just below this option is a headline that asks if you’re sure you want to unsubscribe. If you are sure, click on the “Click here to go to the cancellation page”;
  • At this point, Spotify will ask you the reason, choose the reason from the list that prompted you to unsubscribe;
  • After clicking the unsubscribe button, you will open a confirmation screen. When you click the button and confirm your identity with a password, you get a limited account. That is, you will go into free mode.