Best file hosting service for business

What is Hosting and why do you need it? How to choose the right file hosting service? To simplify your choice, in this article, we have selected the best platforms and collected them in a rating.

What is hosting?

We all have files that we need to access from different places and from different devices. And finally, there are files that we want to share with friends and acquaintances that they could watch or download around the clock, without delays and regardless of whether our computer is turned on or not. How to solve these problems as simply as possible to be sure of the safety of storing important files? There is a solution – this is file hosting.

Hosting is a service for placing information on a physical server that is permanently connected to the Internet. The hosting service includes many additional parameters, such as space for email accounts, databases, site backups or file storage services, site administration. Companies that provide such services are called hosting providers or hosters.

Hosting by function is divided into:

  • Hosting for sites
  • Game Hosting
  • File hosting
  • Image hosting
  • DNS – hosting
  • Test hosting
  • Mail hosting

Some file hosting services have handy programs and applications, the capabilities of which go far beyond simple storage and exchange.

The best alternatives of file hosting services

  • DepositFiles has existed for a long time and is very reliable. Upon registration, you receive $ 5 to your account. Your materials downloaded from the exchanger, in addition to accruing money, also bring you a Point, for which you can later get Gold status.
  • Dropbox is the most famous file hosting on the planet. After registration, 2 GB of free space is allocated for file storage. The service allows you to set up an automatic “backup” of the necessary files, as well as open access to individual folders for other users. Besides, it has apps for all popular mobile platforms and operating systems.
  • Zshare is used to share files that are too large to be sent by email. You can post files, images, videos, and audio on the site. The number of downloads of one file is not limited, the maximum size is 1 GB.
  • Rapidshare is one of the oldest file hosting services which allows you to open access to files, including using a direct file download link. Owners of paid accounts get additional features: multi-download files, no ads. The files are stored on the service for 90 days.
  • Google Disk is the online storage of your files from the Google search engine. For your needs, this file hosting gives you 15 GB for free. Increasing space is possible for money only.
  • Mediafire is a service available without registration. The user gets the opportunity to store files up to 100 MB with unlimited uploads and downloads, traffic, and storage time. The organization of files into folders is available, search and viewing of files, access to which, of course, can be opened for other users.
  • as is a platform that allows you to store files for up to 24 hours. After downloading, the user receives a direct link to his file, and this link he can share with other users. A short link will be generated for the file, allowing you to insert it, for example, into Twitter. Users are allocated 5 GB of disk space.