Avast business antivirus

In this article, we will discuss the functionality and peculiarities of Avast for Business Antivirus.

Software security with Avast

The antivirus program is designed to protect personal computers from various malicious programs that can steal and damage information stored on hard drives. The basis of any anti-virus product is a certain method of detecting malware, such as scanning, monitoring, etc. The work of the anti-virus program is based on two components – proactive protection and signature protection. Proactive Defense monitors programs, files, and processes. The work of signature protection is to scan the data and compare them with existing signatures in antivirus databases.

Today, competition between antiviruses from different developers has reached unprecedented heights, which means that most antiviruses, including a free one, cope with their tasks at a very high level. When choosing an antivirus program, it is necessary to take into account not only the percentage of virus detection and the ability to detect new viruses, the number of viruses in the antivirus database, the frequency of its update, and the availability of additional features.

Avast is a Czech company designed to work on personal computers or owned by small and medium-sized businesses and is used on mobile phones and an unlimited number of servers. As a result, it has created the Avast Protection solution to offer sophisticated protection for both your company’s computers and servers. The solution demonstrates absolute effectiveness in detecting and combating online attacks.

Basic functions

It should be noted that not all antivirus programs are equally effective. After installing and configuring antivirus software on all PCs, you will get the following functionality:

  • The main task is to scan email attachments, files, and URLs, protecting your company from malware, spyware, ransomware, and other threats.
  • Store your credentials in an efficient and secure password manager under master password protection. Generate new passwords, enter saved ones automatically, and sync them between devices.
  • File system screen. Automatically scans files opened on your computer for malware without slowing down or interfering with users.
  • Web protection. Ensures the reliability of each site you visit by checking the URL and certificate of the website to prevent any unsafe connections to your network.
  • Email protection. It scans your mail for suspicious files and code, infected attachments and deletes them if found.
  • Behavior screen. This function provides monitoring of all currently running programs in real-time via Avast servers’ power in the cloud.
  • SecureLine VPN. Contractors, individual offices, and employees working from home are all insecure networks. The VPN constructs an encrypted connection so everyone has the same level of protection as at the main office.
  • Copies of unrecognized files downloaded to your PC will be sent to our Avast Threat Lab experts to determine if they pose a threat.
  • Intelligent scanning. One-click scanning allows you to simultaneously scan for both malware and software updates, network faults, and computer performance issues.
  • Wi-Fi check. Today, cybercriminals have even more ways to break into the network than ever before. With our network scan tool, you can find out and fix potential vulnerabilities.

Avast antivirus advantages

The list of advantages includes the following:

  • Low load on computer resources
  • Simple interface
  • Browser cleaning
  • Home network security
  • Password security
  • Free version available